Note to Customers regarding Sanitization Strategies : 

We sincerely want to thank you for your support over these challenging
months. Our utmost priority is keeping our customers and employees safe and
healthy. To best provide happy healthy family fun to our community, we’ve
made a few updates to our policies and procedures. Here’s what to expect
next time you visit iJump Tyler:

We have expanded cleaning procedures and routines

  • We deep clean the entire facility
  • Foam is disinfected with a RAZOR Antimicrobial Coating Spray
  • Our new BagJump airbag features a unique antimicrobial cover which has been proven to effectively kill coronaviruses. 

What else we've done:

  • To reduce touch points during the check-in process, you may fill out waivers at home
  • We've implemented a cleaning rotation of high touch areas.
  • Attractions are sprayed with a antimicrobial agent before each day.

Guidelines for employees and guests:

  • Individual attractions may be closed during operating hours on a rotational basis for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Space is not guaranteed for anyone who has not purchased a ticket.

Again, we thank you for your support and understanding of these changes. 


At iJump Tyler Trampoline Park, your safety is our number one priority. The following rules are set forth for the purpose of protecting our guests. Safety signage and iJump’s Trampoline Rules are placed throughout the park. We ask that you take a look at, become familiar with and abide by the rules below.

  • Everyone that enters iJump Trampoline Court’s and Ninja Course must have completed a valid/signed iJump waiver.
  • iGrip Socks Policy has been in effect since 2016.  Grip socks must be worn while accessing trampoline activities.  They are available at the front counter for $3.
  • Those under 18 must have it signed by their parent or legal guardian. No Exceptions!
  • Empty your pockets entirely. Please ensure you are wearing appropriate attire for jumping and flipping.
  • No bling that is sharp that could puncture trampolines.
  • NO shoes allowed on trampolines. Grip socks will give you the best traction.
  • Cell phones are not permitted on trampoline courts. If you wish to take a picture, please do so from the platforms.
  • NO food, drink, candy or gum is allowed on trampoline courts. No outside food or drink is allowed in the Park. Please visit iCafe for drinks and snacks.
  • Know your own physical ability. Do not attempt anything outside of your own skill level and capability.
  • NO sitting on the trampoline courts, mats or pads. If you are tired and need to rest, you must exit the court.
  • NO pushing, tackling, running, chasing, racing or horseplay of any kind.
  • NO climbing on walls or netting.
  • NO double bouncing, intentionally ‘stealing’ someone’s bounce or bouncing anyone higher.
  • NO hanging on basketball rims or nets.
  • DO NOT MOVE ottomons to sit on trampoline courts.  Do not jump from an ottomon unto the trampolines.
  • Flips and other tricks can be dangerous…perform at your own risk.
  • Single flips are permitted. No double flips, and do not flip over the pads.
  • You need to be 48" tall to do iNINJA.

Each of our jumping areas is monitored by a trained iCrew Team Member. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring jump areas and trampoline courts for play that can lead to unsafe conditions and injuries.
  • Keeping jump areas from being over crowded by limiting entry to new jumpers until space allows.
  • iCrew help ensure that the rules and regulations are followed. iCrew will stop unsafe jumping immediately, including removing a guest from an area if they fail to discontinue such activity when asked.

iJump Tyler Trampoline Park is centered around creating a fun environment for friends, family and co-workers to experience. The iJump Team will be upholding values and behaviors at the core of our business. Therefore, the following will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the park, without a refund.

  • NO alcohol or illegal drugs may be brought onto the premises or in the park.
  • NO bullying or aggressive behavior of any nature.
  • Guests may not display anything that contains obscene, foul, or profane pictures, symbols, phrases, etc.
  • NO inappropriate grabbing, touching or dancing allowed.
  • NO cursing!
  • Theft and vandalism of any kind will be criminally prosecuted.
  • Disrespectful attitude and a smart mouth to employees will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply with these rules set by iJump Tyler Trampoline Park will subject the offender(s) to removal from the trampoline park premises without refund at the discretion of park personnel. 

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